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…when I was writing this song 'Don't Forget Where You Belong'

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"ok so who wants to be the one to check the others balls-"



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If they ever break up, then true love does not exist

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Can’t say that this is a headline that I ever expected to see

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The term bandwagon.

The term that seems to appear a lot in society when a certain group gets popular, when a hobby suddenly gets a spike in popularity, or in this case, when a sports team wins something big.

It bothers me when people say “You’re such a bandwagoner.” (however you spell it) when I simply say, “Congratulations to _____! Great job!” How would you want me to react?

Yes, Giants have moved on to the World Series. And I happen to have been born in San Francisco. So of course I would be happy to congratulate them, because they are apart of where I grew up. But please, when someone just posts something of joy because of it, it doesn’t mean they hopped on the “bandwagon”. And if they did jump onto “it”, let them be. Let them enjoy what they just discovered. Because you can’t force someone to “unlike” something that makes them happy. Not just sports, but anything in general. Oh gosh…

Me right now:

Up All Night (2011) // Take Me Home (2012) // Midnight Memories (2013) // Four (2014)

niall is wearing the same colors..

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"You’re gonna do great today."

he’s so worried

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