-My name is Jessere. But you can call me Jess.
-21. Sociology major.
-Ultimate fangirl and geek 24/7.
This is my personal blog..Which includes my many fandoms.
-I play the piano, ukulele, (I used to play) clarinet, starting the guitar and sing unproffessionally.
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Made pumpkin bread for the first day of Fall! Yay for pumpkin flavored stuff 🍂🍁

Go all Beast Mode working out, studying, or anything that pushes you to move forward with this lovely shirt! Please help my good friend, Kat, reach her dreams in becoming a professional speed skater. #TeamKat #RoadtoKorea

Another post from my LA has been a week since we left NorCal for SoCal but it feels like yesterday! The trip couldn’t be complete without these gals. They completely understand my love for these bands. Haha. Fangirls for lyfe. 💁💁💁💁

Watching this made me realize that I don’t remember saying these kinds of things at concerts. I just blurt it out. Lol. I have a thing for drummers..especially this one @ashtonirwin 😏 #DATSMIRKDOE

These pictures were taken from my iPad from my camera hence the bad quality…But the show last night was amazing. Like NYAHHH. SO GOOD. Annnnnd! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BAE NIALL. You is now #21. Stay tuned for more post concert depression posts. #WWATour

Nothing beats Zayn’s high note in You and I. ALL DA FEELS

Fourth time’s the charm. Get it? Because their next album is called Fo-

I can’t smile underwater because I panic and drown a bit. But hey, look a picture under watah! #DownSouthWifMyHomies #Day1


Ed Sheeran

Not sorry x)

(via sheeran-usa)

The best pics I could snatch yesterday. ‘Twas hard with all the lights changing. But I’m so happy to have finally seen them perform live. Like my 7th grade dreams came true. Lol. #patd #panic

But It’s Better If You Do! Last one for tonight. Just can’t get over how good they are live! #patd

If you love me let me go. #panic #patd

Excuse my screamo. When I say shotgun you say wedding 😭 Panic! At the Disco !!!&:@!::&8;

Post 3/3 - the #IceBucketChallenge was just part of the story.. For those who are against this challenge, PLEASE READ (and those who are for it! even though it’s long..but worth it); saying it’s worthless, it’s wasting water and it’s not helping our drought, and people in Africa need water to drink and we’re just thinking of ourselves…PLEASE KNOW I DID THE FOLLOWING: I did it to spread awareness. Plus, I donated to ALSA. By doing the challenge, I had a nice “swim” for the summer, watered my plants, and instead of throwing those wet clothes back into the washer, I am air drying it to reuse it. Stop blaming just the ice bucket challenge for the drought, because you can help the drought by taking shorter showers, turning off the sink when brushing your teeth, and much more! LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I’ve donated the same amount I gave to ALS to Charity: Water for the Sahel region in Africa. A little can make a big difference. I don’t just do something for myself. I did this for the sake of others. Selfishness is the last thing I wanted. I do research before I so something. And I do something to make a difference. So why don’t you? DONATE HERE: //